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Furniture expo: Top 10 expos

The furniture industry is dynamic as it is determined by new trends, outlook, provisions of new furniture materials, and shifting clients’ tastes and preferences.

Furniture expos are among the most effective techniques any designer can use to wade the waves and emerge on top.

Thus, such events are very helpful and informative in terms of the current trends in design and technologies of the products as well as the existing market trends.

There is no doubt that furniture expos are perfect opportunities to communicate, enrich and innovate regardless of whether one is a furniture manufacturer, retailer or designer or just a fun enthusiast.

If you are planning to participate in some furniture expos in the following year or attend any of such events, do well to note the 10 furniture expos that you will come across in 2024 below.

Salone del Mobile, furniture fair in Milan, Italy.

Date: April 16-21, 2024

Fiera Milano is undoubtedly among the largest exhibition centers in the world that hosts Salone del Mobile, a global furniture fair that is held in Milan annually.

This event features furniture and other design features and products of the latest design from various foreign-based designers and manufacturers.

As one of the largest and longest established furniture trade shows, Salone del Mobile has become an invaluable resource for designers, architects and others in the creative industries.

There are several separate areas of the expo: Classic, Design, and the xLux zone, which offers something for everybody.

This event also encompasses Euroluce: International Lighting Exhibition as well as Workplace.

That is why Heimann has been created on a humble 0, aimed mainly at developing new concepts of work space.

Website:- Salone del

IMM Cologne (Cologne, Germany)

Date: January 14-20, 2024

Cologne is a major furniture and interiors trade show, here initially that lays the groundwork for what is going to be expected in the later half of the year.

This event is rather famous in concern with the presentation of today’s tendencies in furniture and interior design.

It attracts more than 1,200 companies from 50 countries that showcase furniture, textile, home accessories and lamps.

This also includes Pure Talents Contest, a platform for putting young designers and their ideas into the spotlight at IMM Cologne.

Website:- IMM Cologne


High Point Market is an annual furniture market that takes place in High Point, a city in North Carolina, United States of America.

Date: April 20-24, 2024

High Point Market is a major global furniture and home décor industry marketplace that is held twice a year in High Point, North Carolina.

Also known as the “Fashion Week” of home furnishings, those events bring together over 75 thousand people from over 100 countries.

It employs over five million square feet of showroom area and sells a variety of products from traditional Italian designs to modern luxury.

Do not miss the High Point Market if you are a retailer, interior designer, or architect in search of products or trends.

Website:- High point market

This is an international fair held in Paris, France called Maison et Objet that is all about interiors.

Date: January 18-22, 2024

It is a highly relevant furniture and lifestyle exhibition held in Paris.

It takes place biannually in January and September drawing professionals to showcase and discover newest trends in home decoration, furniture, and design.

The expo is sub-categorised into several sections, such as Craft and Unique & Eclectic, Smart Gift, and Cook & Share, depending on its focus.

Another notable annual event held during Maison & Objet is the “Designer of the Year” which recognizes leading personalities in the design landscape.

Website:- Maison

NeoCon (Chicago, USA)

Date: June 10-12, 2024

It is very popular in North America and is conducted annually at The Mart in Chicago as the leading commercial design event.

It remains the central point for making advancements in workspace and furniture design, and technology systems.

NeoCon has over 300 companies in the exhibit space and an extensive learning component in conjunction with keynote speakers and classes.

During the fair, interested persons can have an opportunity to learn about new innovations in the market, interact with other key players in commercial interiors and also be in a position to understand new trends in the market.

Website:- Neocon

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

One of the leading furniture exhibition fairs and takes place in the destinations of Guangzhou and Shanghai in China.

Date: Phase 1 October 11-14, 2023 (Guangzhou) || Phase II January 23-26, 2024 (Shanghai)

CIFF is one of the biggest furniture fairs globally that occurs on the biennial basis in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

The event provides ample opportunity for the furniture business overall as well as for home furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, and machinery-related furniture.

CIFF brings exhibitions of thousands of new companies and visits by tens of thousands of consumers, establishing itself as a valuable forum for business affairs.

It covers a lot of things, is very big, and places an emphasis on new technology and environmentally friendly practices.

Website:- CIFF


Image Courtesy:- Designboom

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is held in Stockholm (Sweden).

Date: February 6-10, 2024

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, many have considered this as the greatest event for Scandinavian design.

It presents sleek furniture and lighting pieces from the Nordic region as well as other parts of the world.

This fair is of interest to architects and designers or buyers interested in this style of design due to the concentration on functionality, simplicity, and aesthetic appeal that characterizes Scandinavian designs.

It is also lined up with the Stockholm Design Week that comprises a number of design connected events and productions in the city.

Website:- The stockholm fair

IFFS: (International Furniture Fair Singapore)

Date: March 7-10, 2024

Continuing to astound visitors with its high quality exhibitors and the best of innovative furniture design, IFFS stands today as one of the prominent Trade fairs of Asia.

It is effective in showcasing the products of furniture manufacturers and designers and opening opportunities for meetings and talks among market players.

NOOK Asia is another show that takes place alongside IFFS, and it is related to home décor accessories, which makes it advantageous for visitors seeking suitable furniture and accessories.

Website:- IFFS

Feria Hábitat Valencia is considered one of the most premium furniture and lighting fairs across the Spanish region.

Feria Hábitat Valencia is an international fair for building material and home interiors which takes place in Valencia, Spain.

Date: September 17-20, 2024

According to the type of event, it comprises furniture and furnishing accessories mostly in Modern and Traditional designs called furniture and furnishing accessories.

Feria Hábitat Valencia is famous for its efforts in theSphere of Design, Innovation and Ecology.

It brings together people in the manufacturing industry, designers, retailers, buyers, and everyone in between from all over the continent, and beyond.

It also offers a rich spectrum of conferences, workshops, and networking to the its visitors.

Website:- Feria

An international event for furniture accessories and components, semi-finished products – A Trade Show in Dubai

Date: March 5-7, 2024

The Dubai WoodShow is a unique event that aims at providing unique opportunities on wood and woodworking machinery in the Middle East region.

The show is mainly centered around wood products and machinery; however, furniture and interior design is also a highly noticeable section.

This is a professional platform for woodworking and furniture manufacturing companies, as well as the possibility of communication, meetings and talks for business and exchange of experience, information and cooperation, coverage of technological news.

The Woodworking and Furniture industry fair that was held on 8th of April is called the Dubai WoodShow.

Website:-  Dubai wood show

Index Dubai (Dubai, UAE)

Date: September 16-18, 2024

Index Dubai is the most prominent interior design event that takes place in the Middle East North Africa region.

It showcases the world’s finest furniture, furnishings, and ideas for interior designing.

The products on display cover furniture for homes, offices, lighting, fabrics, soft furnishings, and various other accessories.

Index Dubai fascinates thousands of clients, designers, architects and other members of the interior design industry that makes it an ideal platform to network and explore more of the contemporary trends and ideas in interior designing.

Website:- Index Dubai

Furniture China (Shanghai, China)

Date: September 9-12, 2024

Furniture China is the biggest and most diverse furniture trading fair all across the globe.

It is an annual exhibition held in Shanghai with a broad range of furniture with the residential, office and public spaces and home decor products and accessories.

It is distinguished for its popular special exhibitions, concept-based general exhibitions, and global presence.

By showcasing thousands of exhibitors and attracting thousands of visitors from across the world, Furniture China has great potential to promote business cooperation and exchange of information related to the global furniture market trends.

Website:- Furniture China

Singapore Design Week (Singapore)

Date: March 4-10, 2024

The Singapore Design Week is a key annual event that seeks to bring out designs in core aspects such as furniture and interior designs.

It encompasses exhibitions, talks, workshops, and networking sessions, where top Singaporean and global designers, architects, and innovators present their work

It is visited by designers, architects and numerous professional people who would love to test new concepts, products and technologies.

Singapore Design Week is an innovative and creative hub of design ideas and solutions, which shows how design may develop in Asia and in general in the near future.

Website:- Singapore design week

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 

It is composed of Tokyo’s Interior Lifestyle, which is a premier event for interior and lifestyle products in Japan, and Living & Kitchen Show- Kyoto, a similar trade fair for lifestyle and kitchen products.

Date: June 5-7, 2024

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo is one of the key trade shows in Japan that offers interior design and lifestyle products.

The product portfolio of this company varies from furniture to home textiles, various types of lamps and accessories.

The exhibition involves many groups of people such as designers, store owners, retailers, buyers, etc. both from Japan and international countries.

Interieur Lifestyle Tokyo section is aimed at showcasing exclusivity, then at using and promoting new innovative interior design concepts and concentrating on ecological concerns and superior environmentally friendly products.

Website:- ILT

Image Courtesy:- Designfull.

Habitat Expo Habitat Expo was held in Mexico City, Mexico and a site of much significance as will be discussed in the following discussion.

Date: June 30, 2024 -June 1, 2024

The Habitat Expo is the largest and most specialized show of products and services of interior trims and architecture in Latin America.

Running for 12 editions in Mexico City and annually claimed to be one of the most important related events, the fair convenes specialists in interior design, architecture and construction industry to showcase trends and novelties.

The expo incorporates furniture, lighting products, textile, fabrics, and building material facilities amongst others.

In addition, there is a rich practice of industry-specific conferences and workshops, which help navigate the market and explore cooperation prospects.

Website:- Habitat Expo

Design Shanghai (Shanghai, China)

Date: March 7-10, 2024

Design Shanghai is one of the Asia popular international design fairs which is entertaining the visitors with the best of the best in contemporary design in many sectors such as furniture design, home lightings and home accessories.

This expo also brings together more than 400 companies from different parts of the world and the latest products and designs in the design industry are showcased here.

Design Shanghai is famous for its fine-sounding exhibitors, as well as important key speakers. In consideration of this, it is highly desirable for all those who are associated with the fields of architectural designing and who seek inspiration and new opportunities to enter into business collaborations.

Website:- DS

Image Courtesy:- ITSLIQUID.

London Design Festival held in London, United Kingdom.

Date: September 14-22, 2024

The London Design Festival is an annual international event, dedicated to showcasing the impact of design within the city, while promoting London as a design hub.

It is a multipart event in which the city hosts various events, exhibitions and installations such as the 100% Design – an annual show dedicated to the new generation of interiors and architecture.

It is a popular annual event where both buyers and sellers of designs reach out to new and innovative ideas, meet other designers, architects, innovators and developers, and fans, followers and patrons of good design.

Website:- LDF

SIDIM (Montreal International Design Show): SIDIM is a design event of Montreal city located in Canada.

Date: May 23-25, 2024

SIDIM is a professional trade fair for furnishings and interior equipment, currently providing the most up-to-date information about furniture and interior design in North America.

This expo comprises all types of furniture that includes residential and commercial furniture, lightings and home accessories.

The event, SIDIM, is industry relevant, drawing designers, architects and industry players and stakeholders from Canada and other parts of the world and thus allows participants to have an added advantage of interaction, innovation and information sharing of new products and trends that are current in the market.

It also comprises conferences as well as workshops in addition to special exhibits which therefore makes it to be an all rounded event that offers the participants opportunities for learning and inspiration.

Website:- SIDIM


Visiting these top furniture expos in 2024 will help you unlock the key opportunities to get acquainted with the new trends, latest design and sophisticated technologies in the furniture manufacturing field.

Every event is devoted to some specific aspects of the market, and attending all of them can provide various opportunities for any professional to interact with others.

From getting leads of new products to even marketing and creating connections with prominent leaders in the niche, or even just learning about the upcoming trends in the market, these expos are extremely beneficial.

Please note these dates and try to avail these slots and be updated regarding the trends and pace of furniture design and manufacturing.


Which is the most important furniture exhibition to attend?

The key event to attend concerning furniture is Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

It is held annually and is considered as the most important trade fair in furniture and design being an important platform for new trends and innovations from renowned global manufacturers.

It brings together hundreds of architects and designers, as well as other professionals interested in the licensed industry, offering an unrivaled platform for learning and collaboration.

As an absolute source of supply covering a vast spectrum of furniture and households and attracting high-level professionals, the fair is immensely important for every business entity that wants to keep abreast of the increasingly competitive furniture market.

Which Furniture Expo is held in India?

Indiawood is one of the famous furniture exhibition events that are conducted in India.

Occurring in Bangalore it is among the most important events for woodworking and furniture making industries in the region.

The event will attract a variety of products from woodworking equipment and tools to materials and furniture parts.

Many professionals from the furniture manufacturing industry visit this event making it a great platform for business networking and learning about technological developments in the industry.